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Hello! I am the ideaMagnet

I design excellence

web dev motion graphics posters, etc.

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Hello! I am the ideaMagnet

I design responsive scaleable dynamic web applications

html, css javascript php

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Hello! I am the ideaMagnet

I design posters logos brochures & more!

typography layout image manipulation





I develop dynamic, responsive, scaleable web applications.


I design high impact 2D and 3D motion graphics and animations. +


I design posters, brochures, logos and more!


I still do drawings by hand, even in the digital age.


I do a bit of tech writing, and I blog a bit, giving out design tips, tricks and advice.


See what my clients are saying.

My Work


application iphone

try my high-tech weather tool

Input your city name or zip code and click submit to see the Weather Center present you with that zip code's current weather conditions and 4 day forecast.

Its Free!

Affordable Weather APIs are difficult to find—this one though, was more than adequate.


Try it on your PC or on your phone! Watch it resize as needed.

Current Weather

Of course you could just look out the window and see what the weather is doing, but who has time for that when they could more easily just look it up on their phone?


This crystal ball won't let you down. The Future is Now, or at least in the next 4 days.

My web Genius

Why Choose Me

Design to brag about

I'm university educated and professionally trained, and my clients love the work I do.

Stunning ideas

Fresh new design concepts with each round of requests.

Quality made affordable

Quality isn't cheap, but it need not cost a fortune either.

Long-term relationship

I work for long-term client relationships, e.g. 15 years is my record at the moment.

Clients I've done work for.

Here, I Shamelessly Name Drop

Kuvera Partners logo Mountain West Medical Center logo Cedar City Corp logo Eccles Ice Center logo Cache Valley Tourism logo LogoWorks by HP logo Nodic United logo logo MarketSplash by HP logo TerraStar logo Utah State University logo University of Wyoming logo Xfinity logo




CLIENTS served





my latest posts

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Incorrect Reflections

Reflections done incorrectly seem to be a pet peeve of mine. Doubtless you've seen examples of them in magazines, web sites, and TV. It stems from the mistaken belief that reflections behave the same way as shadows. While shadows are the absence of light particles hitting a surface due to an object obstructing them, reflections are quite different.

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Rule of 3rds, Rule of 5ths

The Rule of 3rds should be well known to any self-respecting designer. The seashell spiral image, you know? Yeah, it is really a classical principle of design that won't change, so, you'd best master it if you haven't already.

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The ability to draw by hand is a wonder to anyone who doesn't think they can do it themselves. While I believe some have the talent born to them, I also believe anyone can acquire the skill if they want it bad enough.

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Tech writing is also something I've done a bit of. I've written a handful of software manuals, dozens of tutorials, several video scripts, and other web content for my employers—both past and present. Examples of my tutorials and general web content can be found here (a web service & tutorial), and here (a web site where I wrote nearly the entire thing).

This is an example of a software manual (I wrote the manual, designed the layout, and provided the images): PrismviewXP v.8

This manual I did all of the side bar text and provided the layout design: Lifeguard Manual

What my clients are saying

“Brent Nielson has created posters, flyers, banners and advertisements for our department for many years. He has always been easy to work with, meets any deadlines we set and creates graphic design work that fits our needs perfectly. It's as though he instinctively knows what's in our minds and creates work directly from our thoughts and ideas.”

by Kevin Kobe, former Director of Campus Recreation--Utah State University.

“Brent is a pleasure to work with - he takes the time to understand our needs, does excellent work, handles revisions graciously, and meets deadlines. When we need animations, I don't worry anymore. I know Brent will come through with exactly what we need.”

by Aileen Stein, Corporate Communications Director at Kuvera Partners

See more testimonials on my



design to brag about

So, there you have it folks, I design for happy customers. Well designed content separates the professionals from the wannabes. The companies and businesses that care about their image and how they are perceived by potential and existing customers are the ones that do well and that retain their customers.

A cheap solution lasts only as long as the customer's satisfaction.

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