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Rule of 3rds, Rule of 5ths

By Admin | 08/21/2016 | 5 Comments


Layout. The visually pleasing way the entirety of a piece compliments itself.


This perhaps my favorite layout topic of all.

Layout can be super tricky. Images and text and supporting graphics just don't always come to you in a nice package where everything fits together in perfect harmony. So, how do you take all of the assets and use them in such a way that they work to lead or draw the viewer through a piece in a pleasing way?

In just a few words—use a grid divided into 3rds or 5ths. It can be helpful to do this both vertically and horizontally depending on the content and space needs you have. The idea is to put the main element in about ⅓ of the space, then to divide the remaining ⅔ into thirds again and then again and again until all of the space has been assigned with either content or white space.

So, do you like the Rule of 3rds and 5ths? Tell me about it below.


  • Rembrandt | 6 day ago

    Ah, yes! You hit this one right on Brent! I can tell you know what you are doing and if I were still alive I would ask you for your autograph. Don't be afraid to split your canvas into thirds along a diagnol either...

    • Da Vinci | 6 day ago

      Great point Rem!

  • Picaso | 6 day ago

    Also, try breaking up the grid every once in a while, just to keep things real...


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