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The Abilty to Draw

By Admin | 09/22/2016 | 5 Comments


The ability to draw, realistically, by hand, close as I'll get to having a super power.


Although I've been told I'm very good at drawing, the whole process is still a mystery to me.

When I was a child, I was the kid in the class that could draw better than anyone else. This is simply the statement of fact. Other kids were the best at math, or the best at sports. I was the best at drawing—and everyone knew it. I admit I kinda liked the attention and the display of awe from my peers and teachers. It was nice to be the best at something.

However, as I grew up and entered high school, my world instantly got bigger. I was no longer the undisputed champion. I finally had competition, and it was stiff.

Here are a few of my favorite work from high school.

(fig. 1) WWII Pilot, pencil render

(fig. 2) Wheel of Time (pencil copy of the book cover)

(fig. 3) Usse, a castle in France, pencil render

(fig. 4) Notre Dame, pencil render

(fig. 5) Scrolls, colored pencil original

(fig. 6) Eyeball, pencil render

(fig. 7) Neuschwantein Castle, Germany, pencil render

Competition got even worse as I entered the university.

Examples of college and later work pending...

Custom images will always be important to us since humans are visual creatures. The easiest way for us to communicate is through visuals, so the ability to render something to paper and give it life will always be an important and enjoyable skill to have. I was told once that, on average, of all the environmental stimulus our brains accept, 80-90% of it is visual. That is pretty lopsided, and if the equality police ever found out we'd probably hear about it—after we'd first seen it on facebook, but I digress. The point is, I love to draw and I think it is an important skill to develop.

So, do you know how to draw? Are you impressed by another's ability to draw? Are you impressed by your own ability to draw? Tell me about it below.


  • Rembrandt | 6 day ago

    Ah, yes! You hit this one right on Brent! I can tell you know what you are doing and if I were still alive I would ask you for your autograph. We need more artists and less lawyers!

    • Picaso | 6 day ago

      Even I of all people first mastered the art of drawing before I took on an entirely different approach to art...

  • Da Vinci | 6 day ago

    You can say that again...


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